Top 15 Best Long Boots For Girls in Pakistan

Now Today we discuss the long Boots for girls. Long boots are those pair of shoes that not only covers the feet but also cover our ankles. And in some cases lower legs. Usually, the basic purpose of shoes is to protect our feet’s from any kind of injuries.


Shoes are designed for both the genders. Male and female. There are many categories of shoes. Few are given as;

  • Casual shoes
  • Formal shoes
  • Sports shoes
  • Long boots

Long boots for girls

There are many categories of shoes. From all those one that we are going to discuss is long boots. Generally, girls love to wear them. For work purpose or some others. There are many advantages to wear them. We can also call them fashion boots because they give you a trendy look.

Long boots for girls

Usage of long boots

We can use them in a different way or on different occasions. For casual, formal and business meetings. Long boots were very popular in the 19th century. But after that women’s started to use them only in winters. Because it helps to keep your foot and ankle warm.

Types of long boots

These are available in different styles.

  • Ankle boot
  • Calf-length boot
  • Knee-length boots
  • Last but not the least over the knee boots

All of these are different categories of boots like shoes.

Difference between long boots and shoes

Purpose of long boots for girls

these shoes are designed in such a way so to protect our foot and ankle from snow, and dangerous chemicals used in factories. These can cover legs too. Now long boots for girls are being used as a fashion boot.

Purpose of wearing shoes

 usually at homes or in our daily routine activities we use shoes. This are for the purpose to protect our foot and give them comfort. Daily use of these shoes is the main reason. As a matter of fact, for routine activities, these are the best.

Types of long boots:

hip boot, knee length boots, cowboy boots, fashion boots, knee length boots, wedge boots and so on.

Types of shoes:

like boots shoes too have many types. These are casual shoes, formal wearing, athletic shoes, trainer’s shoes, dance shoes and work shoes etc.

Styles of long boots: long boots for girls are available in different styles and designs named as;

  • Wellington boots
  • Cowboy boots
  • Russian boots
  • Riggers
  • Mukluk boots
  • Gumboots etc.

Variety of styles in shoes:

  • Oxford
  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Moccasin
  • High heel
  • Caterpillar
  • Court shoes
  • Bluchers
  • Mules etc.

The material used in the making of long boots

Usually, like other shoes, these boots too are made up of leather material and or rubber. Suede and plastic materials are now being used for this too.

The material used in simple shoes

These too are made up of leather, rubber, wood or canvas material. Now other types of materials are also being used for making shoes.

Long boots for military purpose

Generally now in our military long boots are used. The demand for long boots for military purpose is high. Because they have to work harsh and hard in their daily activities.

Thus, they are equally important in the military too.

Long boots for girls 444

Can we use boots for office work?

Yes, we can use them but by keeping in view the following circumstances.

Don’t try to wear them short skirt wear them with long skirts. But the best option for you is to choose a formal pair of shoes for office works. Because these are very relaxing and make you feel very comfortable. On the other hand, if you are working in some factory where you can deal with chemicals. Then for this, you need to wear boots that cover your ankle. This will protect you from any kind of harm and dangerous chemicals.

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