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Top 10 Best Football Shoes in Pakistan

What are Football Shoes?

There are many kinds of shoes designed for a specific purpose. Usually, there are many games in the world. From all those the one very most popular game is football. People of mostly Northern Areas love to play football. For this, you have to wear shoes that are designed for this purpose. Most of the footballers love to wear cleats. Cleats or soccer shoes is another name of football shoes.

Purpose of Cleats

The main purpose to wear cleats is to provide grip to your foot. This is necessary. The important thing while playing football is to provide traction when you run. Usually, the indoor soccer shoes use a rubber sole. As a matter of fact, this gives you a space to run faster on the smooth grass.

 Style of Cleats or Football Shoes

Generally speaking, these shoes are low profile shoes. These are low profile because of the reason the uppers are cut low around the ankle. These shoes also provide a multi-direction movement to players. This helps the football players to move freely and run fast.

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Soft Leather

Soccer players need to feel the ball among their feet. Because they have to run by watching up. Usually, these shoes are made of soft leather or synthetic leather. This helps the player to feel the ball among their foot.

Football Shoes Providing Comfort

These football shoes are best to play soccer. You need to have the proper size. Always buy those pairs that provides you comfort and easiness. Your shoes must not be large enough because this can result is blisters. Also, these are not much small that they squeeze your toes. Always try those pair of shoes that provides you comfort. Also helps you to win your game.

Why There is a Need for Footballers to Wear Cleats?

The answer to the question is simple. Because these are the proper equipment to wear. Usually, this is a professional way to use cleats. These are standard choice to wear. This helps the footballer to properly focus on your game. Also to play it by engaging in it.

Functional Reason to Wear Cleats

Just try to play football by wearing sneakers. You can feel the difference. Because when you run on the smooth grass by wearing sneakers you may fall down. This will not give you a proper grip. That holds you up. So that’s why cleats are important to wear.

Football Shoes With Spikes

Footballers always wear those shoes that have spikes. Because of the reason which we discuss above the grip. In every game which includes running on the grass, this is important. Spikes of football shoes gives the player’s necessary grip while they are running. The force of friction increases rapidly with the ground when you run with these spikes.

Advantages of Wearing Leather Football Shoes

  • These shoes give you the protection that you need while playing.
  • Support is also one of the important advantage given by them.
  • They are very soft.
  • Provides players multi-direction movements.
  • Spikes helps to run faster.

Disadvantages of Wearing Leather Football Shoes

There are a few disadvantages of wearing football shoes. These are given as,

  • These shoes are potentially water-absorbing shoes.
  • If they got damage then it is very difficult to repair them.
  • Hard cleaning or maintenance.
  • Usually higher price.
  • These are not available in large color collection.

Pros and cons of Wearing Synthetic Football Shoes


Here we provide you pros of using synthetic shoes

  • They are water-resistant.
  • We can easily clean them.
  • And also very light to wear.
  • Every person should buy them because they are less expensive.


Here are some cons of using synthetic football shoes

  • These shoes as compared to leather shoes are less comfortable and don’t give the player’s foot a proper relaxation to play.
  • These shoes are less durable. Break-in time is low.

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