Adidas Shoes

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    Adidas Shoes for Running

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    The adidas Kivaro 1 shoes for men. These lightweight running shoes give all round comfort, cushioning, durability & support in a simplistic design. The combination of Synthetic overlays with Mesh underlays ensure breathability and durability while the Light strike EVA midsole provides premium cushioning’s. Full Rubber outsole provides durability.

    2,200.00 1,800.00
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    addidas shoes

    Men’s Adidas Nmd Grey Shoes

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    Most hyped ace boost of all time called “RED LIMIT”
    Real boost cushioning
    Beautiful box
    Best quality materials , extremely comfy and convenient to use
    Hyped worldwide

    3,000.00 2,500.00
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    Men’s Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 Moon Rock

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    Real Boost cushioning technology used
    Best quality materials worldwide
    Ditto exact patterns DOT PER DOT
    Cushioning pads back heel tab
    Quality Laces

    1,700.00 1,500.00
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    Men’s Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 Pirate Shoes

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    Easy to Wear


    Full mesh upper for excellent breath ability

    Full-length IU midsole for lightweight cushioning

    Solarsoft sockliner for premium comfort

    Cushioned collar for protection around ankle

    IU outsole with Waffle pattern for traction

    1,500.00 1,000.00

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Let’s first discuss what are shoes?

Everybody knows very well the answer to this very simple question but let me introduce you once again about the very basic purpose. Shoes are the covering basically we can also call them a protective covering for our foot. Shoes are mostly made up of leather having a very sturdy sole. This is the very brief definition of shoes.

Categories of shoes

Here, in this article our main purpose is to give you proper information regarding this topic. Shoes are our basic foot coverings. Not only these protects but also helps in walking. Now, let’s give you the names of categories of shoes.

  • Casual pair of shoes: these pair of shoes are for casual shoes. Causal means things that you use in informal ways. Mostly in a relaxed mood. Not only dresses and other things are available in casual ways but also shoes are available too.
  • Formal pair of shoes: these shoes came under that category which we usually use on the specific occasions. Like as, wedding ceremonies, parties and many more. You wear a very fancy and beautiful dress for the wedding but if you wear wrong or casual pair of shoes then your whole look goes wrong.
  • Sandals: sandals too came under the category of shoes. Sandals are the type of shoes that are open and very easy to wear. In Pakistan mostly people love to wear sandals in summer season. They also keeps your foot away from sweat as open air easily passes through them.
  • Heel shoes: not only men are bound to shoes. Women too in this category plays a main role. Shoes designs are enormously changed from tradition to tradition or culture to culture. Women’s usually love to wear heels. Heels are those shoes that have about 2-3 inch long heel at the end of the shoes.

This category of shoes not ends here. There are also many more categories designed for different purpose.

Men’s shoes in Pakistan

Here, under this category we are going to discuss about men shoes only. In Pakistan there are many different varieties of mens shoes. Like as,

  • Men’s formal pair of shoes
  • Men’s casual pair of shoes
  • Sandals for men
  • Sports shoes for men
  • Office shoes for men
  • Gym shoes for men
  • Sneakers for men

You can avail yourself by the above given shoes that are designed for men. Usually those who deals in office work loves to buy formal pair of shoes. While, others have their own purposes on their own specific places.

Ladies shoes in Pakistan

Ladies shoes as compared to men’s shoes have enormous amount of shoes. A huge amount of ladies shoes designs are arranged every year. Not only in Pakistan but also in many other countries there are wide variety of shoes arranged for women.

Let’s give you some of the categories related to ladies shoes in Pakistan:

  • Party shoes for girls
  • Casual shoes for girls
  • Sandals for girls
  • Heels shoes for girls
  • Fancy shoes for girls
  • Long boots for girls
  • Flat shoes for girls
  • Bridal shoes for girls in Pakistan
  • Gym shoes for girls
  • Formal shoes for girls

Now, you can clearly understand the variety of girls shoes by seeing this list.

Online shoes in Pakistan

Like many other countries Pakistan too is playing its role in digital marketing. The main purpose of digital marketing is to provide their customers with the goods they needed. We can also call them in easy words as online way of buying things. Not only this but also many other things are available online. There are various sites that are working specifically on digital marketing. So, you can also buy your favorite pair of shoes through online way.

In this way, is the leading site in Pakistan. This site is providing its customers with the very amazing collection of shoes. You can buy your favorite pair of shoes by searching it on google. Not only google but Facebook also is the way to buy the best pair of shoes. Just search shoeslylo and you can easily find it. Also many discount offers are available here that helps customers to choose the best.