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Top 10 Best Shoes For Men in Pakistan

What are shoes?

We all are very well aware of the word shoes. Designed for both the genders. Either male or female. But here we will discuss men shoes only. Shoes are made to keep our sensitive foot away from injuries. As another part of body foot too are very sensitive. Like other accessories shoes are also from one of the main accessories. The basic purpose is to protect our toe and foot.

Benefits of wearing shoes

There are many benefits of shoes. From all those benefits few we will discuss here.

  • Shoes protect our foot from injuries.
  • Protects foot form fungal infections
  • Help us to walk freely on the floor.
  • Prevents infections of the foot.

How many shoes should a person have?

Like women, men are not much of shopping type. A men should have these few pair of shoes. These pairs are for any kind of occasion and other activities. So here is the list;

  1. Pair of formal shoes
  2. Pair of casual shoes
  3. 1-3 pairs of sport shoes
  4. Walking shoes
  5. Running shoes
  6. Pair of sandals
  7. Pair of flip-flops
  8. Pair of sneakers

The above-given pairs are necessary but if you want to add a few more then you are welcome. The above-given pair of shoes are easily available at Now we are going to discuss a few best shoes.

  1. Best Shoes For Men 22Sneakers

Among all best shoes, sneakers too have its name on this list. These shoes are very soft. Can be easily used on any occasion. These are basically designed for sports. Or some kind of physical exercise. We can use this pair of shoes for our everyday activities.

  1. Moccasins

Another very best type of shoes for men are moccasins. These shoes are made up of leather. Very soft and beautiful design. The upper part is often embellished with the embroidery and beads. These are very comfortable and trendy. Best to use them in the summer and spring season.

  1. Bluchers

Now comes bluchers. These shoes are very stylish. They have a military history. But here we discuss only the qualities of these shoes. Mostly the vamp of these shoes is made up of leather. They are very shiny and open lacing. Available in brown color.

  1. Derby

These shoes have their name in the fashion industry. You can use this pair of shoes as a formal wearing. People are very keen to wear them. On any kind of occasion, you can use them. In offices or anywhere. But most probably they are famous because these are best for hunting and sporting activities. Shoelaces are on top this makes then different form other pair of shoes.

  1. Loafers

We can simply call them slip-on shoes. This is because of the reason that these unique pair don’t have laces. Just slip your foot in. mostly have low heel or no heel. Available for both men and women. Also, have its name among the best shoes for men.

These type of shoes are very easy to wear. Most men love to wear them. The main reason behind their popularity is no lacing on the shoes. Just slip-one. You can buy this pair of shoes from Available in different designs and colors. You can use them formally too.

  1. Oxford

One of the very classic types of shoes is oxford shoes. These shoes are among the category of formal wearing. Used in America and also in other parts of the world too. Made up of leather. Have a heel and little shine. Beautifully designed. The mixture of black and brown gives a dark brown. This color gave them a perfect look. Also, these are the best shoes for men. You can use them as a formal pair of shoes. In your office too. Have its name among popular shoes.

You can buy them too from on amazing discounts.

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    7.Leather boots

Now comes a leather shoe. These are very best because of their durability and flexibility. Very comfortable to use. Have long lacing. Light brown or camel color makes them unique. These two are the best shoes for men. The main reason behind the popularity of them is the leather material used in making of these shoes. You can use them for hunting. There are many other shoes too but above given are the best shoes for men to buy.

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