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Top 10 Best Oxford Shoes In Pakistan

It is essential for today’s modern men to know about these oxford shoes in Pakistan. Basically oxford shoes are leather shoes. Here, in this article, we are going to cover all the necessary information related to oxford shoes.

Main headings include:

  • What are the oxford shoes?
  • Best oxford shoes
  • How to wear oxford shoes?

Let’s start by the first point.

What are the oxford shoes?

As we have discussed earlier these shoes are formal shoes made up of leather. We can also call them lace-up shoes. These are like derby shoes from the bottom side and from above have closed neck. There is a large amount of variety available in these shoes. Oxford is a famous brand in today’s world. Although they look simple but the quality of oxford shoes is the best one.

Best oxford shoes

Here we are going to discuss a few and the most valuable oxford shoes.

  1. Beckett Simonon Dean[best value]

First, let me introduce you to the importance of these shoes. These are the number one shoes. Having the first position or we can also say that these are on the top of all the best quality leather shoes.

  • Color: Black, Tan, Oak, Brown. This pair of shoes are available in different variety of colors.
  • Material: as mentioned above these shoes are leather shoes. But one of the main or specific qualities of these shoes is that they are made from a special leather. The leather used is known as Argentine leather. This gives them high quality and strength.
  • Pricing: the most important question is this. Oxford shoes are designed only for the upper class. The lower class is not able to buy these high priced shoes. As the price range of these shoes varies from $200 and above.
  1. Wolf and Shephard [comfortable wingtip]

Here come another top-ranked shoes. These shoes are not only of high quality but also provide a larger durability rate. The purpose of the manufacturing of these shoes is to provide comfort. These shoes are very light.

  • Colors: there are many different and amazing variety of colors available in this pair of shoes. These colors are honey, maple, and onyx.
  • Material: the material used here is also leather. But here the leather used is from Italy we can call this Italian calfskin leather.
  • Pricing: The price of these high-quality shoes is $365.
  1. Wolf and shepherd closer [most comfortable]

If you want a very quality or we can say that you need very classic shoes then you can try these oxford shoes. It offers a larger amount of comfort and keeps your feet calm and relaxed.

  • Color: The color of these shoes is honey, maple, oak. You can have different choices in front of you in every pair of shoes provided by oxford.
  • Material: here the material used in this pair of shoes is as same as of Senna. Italian calfskin leather is being used in the production of these pair of shoes.
  • Price: here you can buy this amazing and beautiful pair of shoes in just $345.

Some other best pair of oxford shoes are given as:

  • Classic oxford: Allen Edmonds Park Avenue
  • Wholecut: Beckett Simon Valencia
  • Most Stylish: Carlos Santana Woodstock

These are also some of the best quality and highly demanded shoes. You can not only feel very comfortable in these shoes but also you are going to enjoy this amazing pair of shoes.

Online oxford shoes

You can enjoy these shoes by buying them online. If there is no store near you then it is the most helpful way for you to order online. In the online store, you can find all the very best designs and high-quality shoes. Not only this but also you can enjoy some of the other and interesting accessories. These are here for you all the time.

In Pakistan you can also buy them online also there are many stores that are providing these shoes. Not only are this but there many other different brands that are working hard day and night to meet up this high-quality shoe brand. From all those one is shoeslylo.pk which is providing all types of shoes. Not for men but also for men. we hope you find this helpful.

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