Top 10 Best Most Expensive Shoes In Pakistan

Shoes are meant for the protection of the foot. Everybody either men or women needs them. Because these protect our foot from any harmful injuries. As time passes many different styles of shoes are designed. Many more categories and amazing styles came every day. That’s why here we are with the article to give information about shoes that are worthy. Everybody wants to buy the best for himself and here we are. Some people are status-conscious that’s why they only love to wear branded and most expensive things. From all those accessories one in shoes.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss the most expensive shoes. These are not only expensive but also have good durability.

Most expensive shoes for men

Let’s start by men’s shoes first. If you are the shoe a person means you love to wear new or different kind of shoes then you are in the right place. Here we will give you the all branded and most demanded shoes. Here are some of the most expensive shoe brands for men.

  • Urbansole
  • Bata
  • Mochari shoes
  • Arino

From all these Bata is the most leading brand and expensive too. Only those who can afford these can buy them.

Like Bata, Urbansole shoes are also very amazing shoes. Very high-quality shoes are provided here. Most of the men love to buy shoes from here.

Mochari shoes are another big name in the society of shoes. This is also the most favorite brand of men shoes. Same is the Arino shoes.

Most expensive shoes for women

Like men, women too have many high-quality shoes. From sandals to high heels there is a vast variety of shoes for women. There are many brands that are providing the best quality shoes for women. Some of them are given as;

  • Lisa by Bata
  • Borjan
  • Unze
  • Stylo
  • Metro shoes

And many more. You can enjoy these exciting categories. Because sometimes money can buy happiness.

Top 10 Best Most Expensive Shoes In Pakistan 2

Most expensive shoe brands

In Pakistan, there are many shoe brands. These are providing top quality shoes. Generally speaking, your money doesn’t go waste on buying from all these shoe brands. Let’s give you the names of all these highly expensive shoe brands that people love to buy.



Metro Stylo




















hush puppies










Bata Redtape












gas footwear



The list is not going to end here. There are many other names too. But above all are the top-ranking shoe brands. These are not only of good quality but also provides you the world’s best durability.

Dress shoes

Here are dress shoes, we are going to tell you the world’s highest quality dress shoes. Dress shoes are those type of shoes that you can use with suit or pant coat. Mostly people use them in offices or in business meetings. Dress shoes are easily available in black or brown color. Here we provide you the names of dress shoes that everyone wants to buy;

  1. Aubercy diamond shoes
  2. Louis vitto manhattan men’s shoes
  3. Nike air mag
  4. Testoni mens dress shoes
  5. Testoni shoes
  6. Nike so cal air force
  7. Nizam Sikandar Jhan’s shoes

These list of shoes are the best top quality dress or a formal pair of shoes. These shoes have a wide range of history. These are the most expensive shoes in history. Not only in history but also the stuff used in them is leather. Some are made up of leather some are made up of other material. That’s why we can also call them the most expensive leather shoes. Only those have spare amount of money can buy these shoes Online.

Top 10 Best Most Expensive Shoes In Pakistan 1

This list includes not only dress shoes but also most expensive formal shoes too. Because in the above given list these shoes are the top expensive shoes in the world. Only rich people have the ability to buy these pair of shoes. Also, those who love to buy shoes. If you don’t wish to buy by especially going to store you can order them online or buy shoes online. Many ways in this modern world are here for you. These make you feel good.

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