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Top 10 Best Kaptan Chappal In Pakistan

Kaptan Chappal is also is known as a Peshawari chappal. We call it kaptani chappal because it is usually worn by the people of Peshawar and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The people living here love to buy this chappal. We usually call it a sandal or flip flops in English. Kaptan chappal has gained a lot of importance in 2015. When Haji Noorudin Shinwari gifted it to the Imran Khan. The very handsome and famous Prime minister of Pakistan.

Importance of Kaptan chappal

As discussed above the one main reason due to which this pair of shoes has gained importance is that it gifted to the Imran Khan. Imran Khan Shoes is very famous among all the youngsters. They love to follow their leader. These sandals are made up of very high quality of leather. Having two buckles on both sides of the rubber sole. The sole used is very strong and effective.

What to wear?

This is not a very tough question it is as simple as anything else. Usually, kaptan chappal or we can also say that Imran Khan Shoes are worn under the salwar kameez. This is also a national dress. This pair of shoes is made up of leather and is available in different designs and colors.

Kaptan Chappal Made from

Peshawari chappal or Imran khan Shoes are very famous shoes. It is designed only for boys and men. Men usually love to wear it under the national dress code. Peshawari chappal is made up of soft leather. The rubber sole is used. It is designed in such a way to provide proper comfort to the customers using it.

Imran Khan Shoes:

The one very famous and most important part of these shoes is that they are Imran Khan shoes.it does not mean that Imran Khan has started to making shoes it is just a saying through which it got famous. People especially youngsters follow their leader. You can these shoes from Peshawar the very famous city of Pakistan.

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Formal or casual wearing:

Under this category, we are going to give you the very basic and also important information about formal and casual wearing. Formal pair of shoes as we have discussed in recent articles is that they are the shoes that we can use them on some occasion, event or party.

As the shoes belong to the people of special region which we have already discussed. These shoes are used under salwar kameez. People of Peshawar usually wear their dresses. Also at weddings, this dress code is being used. Causal way of wearing these shoes include those pair of shoes that we usually use in our houses.

The price range of Kaptan chappal

As it is very important because of the famous personality Imran khan. So, keep it in mind this thing that this pair of shoes is the most famous pair of shoes.

The price range of Kaptan chappal varies from 3000 PKR to 3500 PKR. You can buy them from the nearest market.

Online Imran khan shoes

Not only from the nearest market but also you can buy these pairs of shoes from an online store in Pakistan. You can easily avail yourself by these discount rates the sites are providing you. Shoeslylo.pk is another leading site that is offering many amazing categories of shoes on very amazing discount rates.

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