Ladies Khussa Shoes Pakistan

Ladies Khussa Shoes Pakistan,

Khussa is the most beautiful footwear or traditional shoe in Pakistan and India also. Moreover, Ladies Khussa Shoes Pakistan is also used in some parts of China. In Pakistan, khussa is the most common footwear used by both men and women. It is very easy to wear or also affordable every class could buy it.


Khussa has a very heart catching history. Ladies Khussa Shoes Pakistan, As it was also evolved from their ancestors. First, it was made of wood as used in China but it was not very comfortable to wear or also was not good during the winter season. Then people use leather to make shoes as it was very easy to make a shoe from leather. As time passes in the 17th century, during the era of Mughal King Jahangir he was the first to introduce a khussa which was made of gold wirings or beautiful gems. During this time it was only used by rajas, Badshah, or kings. This is the reason behind the nickname of Jahangir which is Saleem Shahi. Ladies Khussa Shoes Pakistan, At that time, not every person would be able to buy it because it was very costly. But now it was available in leather and every class would buy it.

First, it was used in villages commonly but then become very famous in other parts of the country too. Pakistan and India both of the countries are famous in making khussa but Pakistan has a lot importance then India in making these.


Culture a very important part of any society or community. Culture plays a very prominent part. Especially, in a country like Pakistan where people are very conscious about their culture. Ladies Khussa Shoes Pakistan, Khussa is the prominent part of this culture. As it is wearied by both men and women. It is available in different designs, colors or in a different sizes. There is not difference in both of the parts either left or right. Any part could be used. You can use it for left part or for the right part of foot. This is the specialty of our khussa.

In weddings, it is used commonly. Ladies Khussa Shoes Pakistan, Moreover, in everyday life too. Because of its easiness to wear it is very famous.

One of the very important features of the khussa is that it has no specific brand. Every class has the ability to buy it. Ladies Khussa Shoes Pakistan, Mostly it was used by teenage girls more commonly. As they have more interest in wearing them. As it has a trendy look too or also a part of traditional wears.


You will be very wondering after knowing the way it is being prepared. Form tip to toe it is made by hand. Ladies Khussa Shoes Pakistan, Every minor or lower cut, its stitching, designing etc. everything is made by a hand. That’s why it has very importance in our culture.


Khussa is made in Lahore, Sargodha or in sheikhupura. Also in some parts of the Sindh. You can buy khussa from any shop in your near market. Currently, there are very different or unique designs of khussa in markets. Different kind of brands also started making khussa after seeing their importance or demand in the markets. Ladies Khussa Shoes Pakistan, As internet would also provide you a major benefit of marketing both nationally, or internationally. People from outside of your country would also buy it, because of internet. Currently, khussa a great demand in the markets. It has different designs like casual look, formal look, wedding look etc. both men and women more likely women would like to wear them.


The most common feature of men’s khussa is that it has NOKon its upper part which shows that its men’s. Men usually like to wear it on occasions. In khussa your half of the foot is uncovered as it is designed like this.

Khussa is also made for the children’s of every age or also for the younger boys. Casually, juttiis being used in daily routine.


Women’s khussa has a lot of features in it. Ladies Khussa Shoes Pakistan, As it is narrower or it is designed in way that half of the fingers were shown out of it. As it is available in different styles for women. It has small heel or also back open khussa is available.

There are different designs of it. Formal looking khussa, casual looking khussa, occasional look khussa etc. all of them are designed beautifully. As gold or silver touch are a very prominent feature kora, dbka or tila these threads are being used in making them.

Khussa is famous among all aged women’s. As girls of modern era are more towards pumps or heels because they are interested in wearing jeans. Likewise, choori dar pajama are again in trend so khussa also has its increasing demand. Ladies Khussa Shoes Pakistan, Fancy khussa are very eye catchy for the younger girls. So most of them would like to wear it. Khussa is also available for younger girls.

Khussa for women was not made but eventually, Lahore’s LIBERTY MARKET have a shop named KHUSSA MAHALthey are first to design a khussa for women. Because of their experience in this field, their designers would make it for the women as it was very profitable for them because it is now very popular among girls. Khussa Mahal shop has different unique designs of it as they have khussa of different cultures like the people wear in Sindh or in Baluchistan. This is the main specialty of this shop.

That’s why khussa is the beautiful part of our culture. It makes us different or unique from different people. Khussa gives foots a very classy look that make us unique.

We should never try to forget our culture as it is our identification. It represents us in different countries having different cultures. That’s why khussa has great importance in our culture. Ladies Khussa Shoes Pakistan, We should never ever try to forget its importance or value.

Do buy a khussa for yourself because you are not going to know its importance till you don’t wear it.