Best Top 10 Pencil Heel Shoes In Pakistan

Heels are the type of shoes that are designed for girls most probably. In our recent articles, we have discussed many different type of shoes like flat, casual and formal pairs of shoes. But, here in this article, our main focus is on pencil heel shoes. Some of the shoes are called heels or some are pencil heels. Let me first introduce by the difference of these heels or pencil heels. Basically, heels are those types of shoes that have almost 4-5 inch heel at its back or at the toe point. Heels are usually in wedge form are also easily available. Nut, on the other hand, pencil heel covers a very thin pencil-like a heel about 5-6 inches high. Now, let’s start by giving you some other information.

Purpose of wearing pencil heel shoes

The one and only main reason behind the manufacturing of these pencil heel shoes is that they improve the walking style. Both men and women need shoes to protect their foot but here in this article, we are explaining heel that is meant for girls only. No men would like to wear these heels. Not only these can improve your walking style but also giving your body proper shape.


Are heels comfortable to wear?

The answer to this very simple question depends on the person wearing it. Because those who love to wear heels and have experience with these can easily wear it and feel comfortable. But, by discussing it with other girls the majority of the girl’s community answer is that they don’t feel comfortable to wear pencil heel shoes. They only wear these shoes for almost 2-3 hours. Otherwise, they are going to feel uncomfortable in these.

What are heels made of?

Like other pairs of shoes, heels are also made of many different kinds of materials. Let us introduce you by the materials that are used for this purpose. Leather, plastic, wood, fabric, animal hides, paper for different kinds of designs and layout on the shoes, also use of cement and glue is very common in the manufacturing of pencil heel shoes. Because in order to maintain balance the material that it is made of should be very strong. Otherwise, in case of using a light or dull material your chances to fall on the floor increases and this may embarrass you in front of other people. So, only try to buy that pair which have strong heel and made very effectively.

Is it good to wear heels every day?

Well, the answer is negative in this case. Because wearing heel in daily routine may allow injuries to come. This also makes your foot to feel uncomfortable. You may go through swear conditions like swelling of the foot and extreme foot pain. The only possibility that came up in using heels is that use it twice a week otherwise your foot may cause swelling. We are here to give you our best of efforts and information. Using heel in daily routine is very dangerous.

Girls who are 12-13 years old should not wear heels because it may shorten their heights. After some research or consulting by the doctor, these young girls are in a growing stage of their life. Using heels may shorten their heights and create foot problems for them.

Now, let’s discuss some heel brands.

Brands providing best heel shoes

There are many brands in the world that are providing the most comfortable heel shoes. In Pakistan those brand names are given as:

  • Heels
  • Stylo
  • Borjan
  • Unze London
  • Shoebox
  • Ecs
  • Clive

The list is not going to end because there are many others also that are serving there and delighting their customers by the number of offers that are provided by these brands. But, the above-given shoes, brands are very famous and highly recommended brands.


You can avail of these offers online too. is the leading website that is providing the best quality shoes to their customers. Not only these but also many other categories of girls’ shoes are also available here. You can visit the website for more amazing offers and details. We hope you find our information very suitable and according to your expectations.

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